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Hello guys ! I am new to this forum  Last week I got my 2011 sprint blue Audi s3 remapped by a place in Bacup which use the quantum remap i was told the ECU had something on it and it was locked so the only way they could do it was to remove the ECU i was very reluctant to doing it as i did not want to void my warranty, the company said that it will not void your warranty, Audi will not be able to see if somebody has been messing around with your ECU and when they plug it in with their machine the performance will not show up on the machine it doesn’t show up anyway if it is remapped or not, I decided to have it done anyway they removed the ECU and put it onto some machine which processed it to the computer, they remapped it and then put it back into the car. i went to see if the ECU and what it was protected by was the same before, and what it was after i took a picture before hand and took a picture after hand and the ECU looked like it hadn’t even been touched what a fantastic job well impressed ! i have had the remap for just over a week now and is running perfectly well the performance is much increased off the line and much more torque there is also a difference of 4-5 mpg more which is not allot but certainly will make a difference, the car feels much more smoother to drive and just feels like a dream wow its just simply amazing! i am now thinking why dint i get my gold gti done ? so i can pass old men in there posh Bentleys 😛 do not be scared to get it done many of my mates are slightly worried to get it done but i know lots of people who have had it done and not had one problem and so much difference in power. people are very wary but don’t be ! Get it done straight away. Highly recommended ! Thanks so much

Source: http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/a3-s3-sportback-8p-chassis/140023-audi-s3-quantum-remap.html# To check other Audi models, their remapping prices,
please visit: http://www.audi-remap.com/ or http://www.audi-remap.co.uk/

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