FAQ’s about ECU tuning

Is ECU Tuning Legal? Yes remapping your vehicle is completely legal and there is no law against this. Each remap we carry out is done so within the manufacturer safety acceptance zones. Can I Do ECU Tuning By My Self? ECU remapping is

Here At North East Remaps

North East Remaps DPF Delete / Removal Including Toyota / Lexus denso diesel injection system Benefits of DPF removal include: Increased performance Increased efficiency (MPG) Reduced maintenance costs Cheaper than replacing the DPF filter DPF removal and performance remap Including

How ECU Tuning Performed

Taking about modern technology, even the cars have been made stylish and their performance tuning has been made even simpler. Now a day’s engine tuning can be performed via computers. Car engines can be made more efficient, producing more torque and power and become inexpensive

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