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Turbo Shourishkan The company is a specialist in turbochargers. We repair, diagnostics and sale of turbochargers for all models of cars and trucks, for agricultural machinery and construction machinery as well as industrial engines. Our range includes products from manufacturers such as: GARRETT, KKK, IHI, Mitsubishi, HOLSET, SCHWITZER, and others. CERTAINTY We use only new parts origins. During six years, our customers have had the opportunity to thoroughly check the quality of our services. We work with individual clients, transport companies, auto garages and authorized service centers across Belgium. All the products we offer have been tested and verified in terms of their functioning. EXPERIENCE The combination of good qualifications of the founders of our company have many years of practical experience (several thousand repairs) and modern equipment, proves high efficiency repairs. PROFESSIONALISM In our daily work, we respect the principles of professionalism of any action. We want to be considered a reliable business partner. Our business is based on the principles of mutual trust, respect for the dignity and the principles of ethics in business. Despite strong competition, we always have new satisfied customers. QUALITY ASSURANCE All of our machines have a warranty of 12 months, with no limit on the number of kilometers traveled or the number of hours of operation. We also sell by mail order – The order or the order may be made ​​by telephone or by email. If you have any questions, we are available to answer or to give you advice.

Quantum Tuning Ltd is pleased to announce that Shourishkan is joining the custom ecu remapping company.

Shourishkan is taking a fantastic opportunity to join one of the fastest growing and most progressive chip tuning pro in Europe. Introduce economy and performance remapping into your business and reap the rewards by installing the high quality Quantum Tuning™ brand.

We are one of the country’s largest remapping businesses with 750 outlets in the UK and 30 countries.

The services we provide include ECU RemapEngine Tuning, Dyno Remap, Engine Tuning Training CourseAlientech Tool SalesDPF Software SolutionEGR Software Deletion, Speed Limiter Removal, Bosch Remap, OBD Remap and Chip Tuning.

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