Quantum Tuning Graduate Recruitment

Looking to start your career in the tuning industry? We are always interested in hearing from passionate individuals who would like to join our team, and we are currently seeking a graduate with an interest in vehicle calibration and remapping.

With a constant level of growth within our operation, additions to the team of calibration engineers (known in the tuning industry as ‘file writers’) are required to facilitate an increase in capacity so that the quality of service to the dealer network can be maintained.

The Calibration Team

Backed up by a knowledgeable and highly experienced management and development team, the calibration department is responsible for the creation and maintenance of ECU calibrations received via the dealer network.

A good file writer is usually an individual fascinated by cars and tuning. With modern vehicles having reached a very high level of complexity within their engine management systems, a working knowledge of ECU strategies and programming, or at least the ability to understand the principles, is an asset that a file writer will require.

The Calibration Engineer Position

Quantum Tuning would like to receive CVs from technical graduates who are looking to work within the automotive tuning sector.

Joining Quantum Tuning will see you performing the following tasks:

Based at the Maidenhead office, the position is suitable for graduates with qualifications in the computer sciences and engineering fields. Initial training will be based on the principles of electronic tuning and learning how to manipulate the data contained within an ECU. Working with the hardware using a variety of tuning tools, and developing new vehicle solutions on a chassis dyno, will follow.

  • ECU data calibration and file management
  • OBD flash ECU tuning
  • Bench ECU tuning
  • Vehicle development on dyno, road, and track
  • Customer support

We are looking for enthusiastic people with a passion for cars and tuning, who will enjoy the challenge of understanding complex calibration strategies and how to safely gain power from an engine whilst maintaining longevity and reliability. A pleasant demeanour and ability to communicate with dealers in high-pressure situations is also an advantage. A full driving licence is a necessity.

Get in Touch

In the first instance, please email your CV to careers@quantumtuning.co.uk along with a covering letter that describes your interests and reasons for applying. We will get back to you quickly.

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