It is usually the desire of all car users to have car that offer them with best performance. However, high levels of performance may be limited when the car is first manufactured. Car tuning is thus necessary to improve performance of the car by raising such limits. Limiting on a car’s performance is usually based on average requirements of car users and laws. However, some car users may need to have their cars customized to their own requirements.

Racing cars are frequently tuned for performance and looks on the body as well as engine sounds. Car tuning involves either replacement of active car parts or their modification. Modification might as well involved adding more parts to the active parts. Car tuning takes place usually on the engine. For example, an engine may be modified to be incorporated with superchargers. A supercharger is generally used for compression of gases in combustion in an engine.


Superchargers allow more compression whereby more oxygen will be accessible for combustion to get place at a higher rate. This is because a supercharger compresses the already accessible oxygen raising ratios of combustion. The end result is generally the engine producing extra power. However, superchargers lead into higher temperatures. Performance of an engine that is supercharged might deteriorate faster than a normal engine.

In addition car tuning involves customization of electronic parts of car that control the engine. Such components rely on computer science technology to control performance of the car particularly the engine. Such electronic parts are typically computer programs which may initially be programmed to limit the engine from attaining it optimum performance levels. After car tuning, the programs are modified such that they will not limit performance of the engine.

Cars have shifted from mechanical control to electrical control. This makes it easy for car tuning to take place as programs preserve be easily modified or erased and replaced. This makes the entire process cheaper and quick. Modifying of mechanical parts might take more time and too costly. Thus car tuning has been very effective due to technology. Electronic control of the engine is also extra efficient and can be well monitored.

Car Tuning also involves modification of suspension components. This comprises of tuning the springs and shock absorbers of a car. Shorter springs are used than usual whereby the car will be lowered. The car becomes extra stable especially when driving around sharp bends at a high speed. However, suspension tuning should be done carefully since it might affect other components if only one is modified.

Customized shock absorbers may result into additional comfort of a car and driving over rough roads is made easier. With regard to suspension modification, sway bars are also tuned. Sway bars assist in reducing roll of a car when driving around a sharp bend at a high speed.

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