Fuel Economy
Current cars have an on-board computer system in the form of ECUs. This engine management system is liable for ignition timing, electrical system, power boost, and fuel injections. People have the wrong impression about thinking that keeping the car’s air and oil filters clean or even buying expensive gasoline could amp up a vehicle’s performance. Truth is, with chip tuning, fuel economy can be achievable. The ignition timing and air/fuel ratio can be manipulated to increase gas mileage.

Power Gain
we hear the word fuel efficiency, we usually connect it with decreasing the car’s performance. However, with chip tuning, you get the advantage of boosting its driving capacity while maintaining fuel economy. Good thing is that there are performance chips available for different vehicles, depending on the make and model. If your auto is often used for long-distance travels, you should choose  chip tuning. Doing so will save you a lot of money, mainly when the process enables your car to utilise fuel efficiently. With that, extended mileage and prolonged engine life is guaranteed.

An increase of power and torque not only in the top rev range but also specially in the lower and middle rev range by nearly unchanged exhaust-emissions. Power and torque improvement of 20 – 30 % at Turbo engines and 8 – 12 % at normal aspirated engines are realizable, which causes a high improvement for acceleration, agility and top speed. The engine will be more agile and stronger.(source-ecustogo.co.uk)


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