Although the types and makes of cars have changed dramatically over the years, the basic running of an engine has remained the same. It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether or not your car needs something as simple as a basic oil change, a coolant refill, or a complete tune-up. If you are starting to notice a decrease in gas mileage, a loss of power, rough idling or stalling, or your “check engine” light stays on, it is best to err on the side of caution and make sure you get advice from a trustworthy mechanic for a car tune up. Preventive auto maintenance is a sensible way to protect the long term investment you’ve made in your vehicle.

How Does a Tune Up help your Car?
Clean gas and air is needed in the cylinders where combustion initiated by the spark plugs takes place to create the power necessary to start your car. If several part of the combustion system, such as fuel injectors, air filter, or fuel filter becomes clogged, or your spark plugs are corroded, you will experience decreased engine performance and gas mileage. Our auto mechanics will all the time checks your vehicle’s air filter when you come in for any service. It’s also important to follow the car manufacturers’ recommended replacement schedule for key components, such as fuel filters, PCV valves, and spark plugs when they no longer work at optimum efficiency.

At Price’s Precision Automotive, our trained technicians can take care of a car tune up to help maximize your vehicle’s performance and gas mileage capabilities. Regular maintenance of your vehicle is the key to reliability, fuel efficiency, and effective engine performance.

If you’re worried your car won’t start when you need it, ask for a tune up. Our trained technicians can keep your engine “tuned up” and road-ready. Contact by calling 08456 529 530 or at  for more information to help you with your car tune up, or for an extensive diagnostic service check.

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