Data Logging for Tuners

Electronic tuning has come a very long way in the last twenty-five years. As automotive control systems have increased in complexity, so too has the understanding of the strategies that make a modern engine run.

This deeper knowledge is a far cry from the early days of remapping where any gain in engine output – irrespective of how it was done – was seen as acceptable; and it allows for more consistent and reliable conversions that retain the car’s drivability, whilst producing a satisfying increase in torque and power.

A significant part of this extra understanding, and one that we routinely employ during development, comes from the use of a data logger. By monitoring exactly what is happening with the engine it is possible to maintain many important parameters and still derive extra power. Typically, when testing a new conversion, we will log intake and exhaust temperatures, rail and boost pressures, injector and waste gate duty cycles, and ignition timing; but a modern data logger allows for much greater scope if required.

You may ask why an ECU tuner would also want or need this ability. After all, if the development has been done using this data to produce a solid conversion, why does the dealer writing the file into a customer vehicle also require data logging equipment and the knowledge to use it?

In an ideal world, every car you modify would be equal – but it is obvious that this isn’t the case. A vehicle that presents an immaculate and cared-for image can still have hidden issues lurking under the bonnet that can make a seemingly straightforward job something of a nightmare: we’ve all been there. Having the ability to log how the engine performs prior to starting work on it can avoid these situations and create a peace of mind for both dealer and customer that is well worth having.

If you would like to learn more about the processes and equipment behind data logging, come to Quantum Tuning head office for a free seminar on Saturday 7th December, where we will be pleased to guide you through the hardware and software available, their features and advantages. Our Development and Files Manager, Michael Alvey-Anderson, will be on hand to show you what it’s all about based on many years in the field of ECU calibration and tuning.

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