DPF – Diesel Particulate Filter

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Charlie has over 30 years tuning cars some of you will remember his old company Service Tune. years ago we only tuned petrol cars but mow we can tune Diesel engines as well with fantastic results .To find out more just call with any questions Normal tuning with out any mechanical work can be done with our first class mobile unit look forward to see you soon

Are you having problems with your DPF?
Are you facing expensive repair costs to replace the DPF?
Tired of poor MPG when the DPF is regenerating?
Want to remove the DPF from your vehicle?
Quantum Tuning Bristol have decided to invest heavily in the most advanced DPF removal software, thereby improving the quality of the DPF remaps and also offer a wider range of vehicles available to have DPF removal software applied. This is the most sophisticated solution on the market and none of your competitors can offer better.

Our DPF remaps will now alter the software in the ECU (Engine Control Unit) so that in combination with physically removing the DPF, the vehicle will now run without logging any error codes, attempting any future regeneration, or bringing any DPF check lights or engine management light on the dash

Most vehicles fitted with a DPF will need to have the filter replaced at some time, this can be hugely expensive costing anywhere from £1,000 for a cheaper vehicle, right up to £5,000 for some vehicles. The DPF is not a legal requirement, nor is it needed for the MOT test so the most cost effective solution is to remove the DPF from the exhaust system and deactivate the DPF functions from the ECU.

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