Files Room Update 1th June 2017

Below we have some of our more interesting vehicles remapped and ones that have shown the best gains in power and torque today, including Volkswagen Transporter – 2.0 TDI – 102-BHP with a 71% increase in power and 44% increase in torque.

Original BHP: 102 HP
BHP after Remap: 175 HP
Original Nm: 250 Nm
Nm after Remap: 360 Nm
Power Gains: 71% Increase in HP and 44% increase in Nm
Service Type: Power and economy Remap (Quantum blue)


Original BHP: 275 HP
BHP after Remap: 305 HP
Original Nm:  600 Nm
Nm after Remap 660 Nm
Power Gains: 10% Increase in power and 10% increase in torque
Service Type: Power remap (Quantum red)
Comments: Wanted better performance


Original BHP:  120 HP
BHP after Remap: 160 HP
Original Nm: 290 NM
Nm after Remap: 350 NM
Power Gains: 33% increase in power and 20% increase in torque
Service Type: Economy remap (Quantum green)
Comments: Wanted better economy


Original BHP: 109 HP
BHP after Remap: 151 HP
Original Nm: 270 Nm
Nm after Remap: 350 Nm
Power Gains: 38% increase in power 29% increase in torque
Service Type: Performance Remap (quantum red)
Comments: Wanted more power

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