This vehicle had a DPF removal + blend REMAP, customer had a new DPF fitted + cleaned 2/3 times with DPF becoming blocked within weeks. What everyone had failed to see was the split turbo pipe causing the vehicle to over fuel causing the particle filter to block. The DPF was removed at customer request and we noticed that a non type approved filter had been fitted.

The customer called us after having the car back for a week to thank us for sorting it out. They were at the point of just wanting to get rid of the car before it came to us, but now its like driving a completely different car, glad we were able to sort it out for them.

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Richard Neville
Herts Auto Tek Ltd
Unit A4 Nup End Business Centre,Knebworth
United Kingdom
Tel: 01438 829 000 
Mobile: 07768 514 445


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