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Ford Galaxy Remap


The Ford Galaxy is a large multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). It was first introduced in 1995, and since then has spanned over three generations. The Ford S-Max is also inspired from the Ford Galaxy.

The first Galaxy was designed as a joint venture product between Ford and the Volkswagen Group. Produced at the joint-venture Auto Europa plant in Palmela, Portugal, the vehicle was badge-engineered to create three vehicles: the Ford Galaxy; by Volkswagen Passenger Cars as theVolkswagen Sharan; and by SEAT as the Alhambra.

The Galaxy used predominantly Volkswagen Group mechanicals, most notably the 2.8 litre VR6petrol engine from the top versions of the Volkswagen Golf, as well as Volkswagen Group’s 1.9 litreTurbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) turbodiesel unit. Initially only the 2.0 litre inline-four petrol version used a Ford powerplant – this derived from the Ford I4 DOHC engine. In later years this unit was supplemented by a 2.3 litre 16-valve version first seen in the facelifted Ford Scorpio. This engine was transversially mounted (as with the MKV Escort RS2000) as opposed to longitudinal mounting like in the Ford Scorpio.

If you want to gain more power, torque and better MPG for your Ford Galaxy Car? Then look no further.

Our Ford diesel performance chips and Ford remapping via the OBD port will dramatically improve your Car performance and improve your MPG!

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After your ECU upgrade to your Ford Galaxy, you will enjoy:

Performance Result For Ford Galaxy

Model Original BHP Tuned BHP Original Nm Tuned Nm
1.8 TDCI – 100 100 120 240 280
1.8 TDCI – 123 123 145 210 255
2.0 16V – 115 115 124 170 181
2.0 16V – 145 145 152 185 195
2.0 TDCI – 130 130 152 320 381
2.0 TDCI – 138 138 158 320 362
2.2 TDCI (2007) 172 213 400 477
2.3 16V 140 150 203 216
2.5 Turbo 216 250 320 380
2.0 Turbo – 203 200 200 300 300
2.0 TDCI – 115 115 140 300 345
2.0 TDCI – 163 163 183 340 400

[Note: Nm = Newton metre and BHP = Brake Horse Power]

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