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Volkswagen Jetta Remap


The Volkswagen Jetta is a small family car produced by German automaker Volkswagen Group for the Volkswagen Passenger Cars marque since 1979. Positioned to fill a saloon/sedan niche above the firm’s Golf hatchback offering, it has been marketed over six generations variously as the AtlanticFoxVentoBoraCity JettaJetta CityGLIJetta, and Sagitar.

The Jetta was originally adapted by adding a conventional trunk to the Golf hatchback, and some distinctive styling (usually the front end, and sometimes slight interior changes). It has been offered in two- and four-door saloon (sedan), and five-door estate (station wagon) versions – all as five-seaters. As of 2005, over 6.6 million cars have been sold worldwide, over one-third in the United States alone. Since the original version in 1980, the car has grown in size and power with each successive generation. By mid-2011, almost 10 million Jettas have been produced and sold all over the world.

The Jetta nameplate is a reference to the Atlantic ‘jet stream’, reflecting the period in Volkswagen’s history when it named its vehicles after prominent winds. These also included the Volkswagen Passat (after the German word for trade wind), Volkswagen Bora (after bora), and Volkswagen Scirocco (after sirocco).

If you want to gain more power, torque and better MPG for your Volkswagen Jetta Car? Then look no further.

Our Volkswagen diesel performance chips and Volkswagen remapping via the OBD port will dramatically improve your Car performance and improve your MPG!

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After your ECU upgrade to your Volkswagen Jetta, you will enjoy:

Performance Result For Volkswagen Jetta

Model Original BHP Tuned BHP Original Nm Tuned Nm
1.4 GT TSI 170 205 240 285
1.6 16V FSI 115 127 155 170
1.9 TDI 105 135 250 320
2.0 16V FSI 150 165 200 215
2.0 TFSI 200 240 280 350
2.0 TDI – 140 140 175 320 395
2.0 TDI – 170 170 200 350 400
1.6 TDI – Boot Tricore – 105 103 125 250 320
1.4 TSI – 122 122 151 200 250
1.4 TSI – 160 160 185 240 280

[Note: Nm = Newton metre and BHP = Brake Horse Power]

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About: BOSCH EDC 15
Bosch Hdi EDC 15 consists of an ECU which analyses the information from the various Sensors, and then operates the injectors at the correct moment. It also controls a Pressure regulator, the exhaust gas recycling electro valve and the turbo charging Pressure modulating electro valve.

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