London Remaps now offer the most stable and reliable solution for DPF problems on Mazda 6 2.0 (143bhp) as well as 2.2 185bhp MZR-CD, a DPF Solution by reprogramming the vehicle’s ECU. This solution read justs the software of the ECU to the ‘no-dpf-state’, thus providing a permanent fix for all DPF related issues.

We cooperate closely with a number of highly skilled ECU tuners to develop a safe and reliable DPF delete solution, even on difficult ECU’s like the Denso unit present in Mazda or when a vehicle has undergone a software update. We have tested this option on a number of Mazda vehicles before its official release and we are happy to confirm that over 8,000 miles of combined testing have brought positive results.

Over and above our DPF Removals, we offer a wide range of Vehicle Electrical Services. More specifically we have successfully corrected a number of Mazda 6 2.0 diesel vehicles that have had a DPF bypass emulator previously installed as a DPF removal solution. We have seen cases of either the emulator / bypass box failure, poor installation (particularly in soldering the add-on module wires to the car’s loom department) or incorrect fuelling due to inadequate exhaust temperature sensors emulation.

This is a ‘drive IN – drive OUT’ service . A vehicle delivered to us is subjected to our standard DPF Removal protocol::
– thorough DPF functionality diagnostic
– physical removal of the blocked filter from the exhaust
– preparation of smoke correction maps tailored for the particular ECU software version
– Engine Management System re-programming to disable the DPF functionality
– other ECU’s adjustments using high level diagnostic equipment
– FREE ECU remapping (performance or fuel economy orientated)
– final diagnostic session

After all of the above steps are completed our customers can be assured that their vehicle will be free of all DPF related problems for good, including the Limp Home Mode. Furthermore our solution offers an MOT PASS guarantee as a result of adjusted fuelling tailored to the system without the DPF..

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