New BMW Development Work

We have been putting in additional development work on BMW petrol, diesel, and hybrid range. Since the beginning of the summer we have created new mod files for the M135i, M235i, Z4, 330e, and 435d; with the M140i currently undergoing final testing.

The overall objective is to have a world-class set of tuning solutions for BMWs, fully developed and tested on the dyno, road, and track.

With the arrival of Michael Alvey-Anderson, our Files and Development Manager, we have been able to take a fresh and in-depth look at the strategies behind the Bosch MEDV17, EDC17, MG1, and Siemens MSD81 ECUs that control modern BMWs. Whilst getting power from these units has never been a problem, we have tasked ourselves with creating modifications that show a consistency and smoothness of delivery that will delight the enthusiast driver.

Michael’s development technique and experience ensures that the modification works perfectly in the area which matters most: on the road. The cars are only taken for track work and performance data logging once he is happy that day-to-day usability of the vehicle has not been compromised.

Michael’s view is that it is essential the ECU is still able to cope with different grades of fuel and ambient conditions, so careful logging of parameters such as intake and exhaust temperatures, torque monitoring, boost pressure, ignition timing, lambda, and rail pressure is an integral part of the development and testing process.

A log of engine parameters taken using the BFlash tool

Once he is happy with the numbers, it’s time for high speed and acceleration runs to get quantifiable figures of improvement.

Data logging results using Racelogic GPS equipment at Bruntingthorpe

So far, we are very happy with the improvements that have been made – the cars are great to drive. There is further work ahead and we will be concentrating hard on the new Bosch ECUs which, as is the nature of the beast, are more and more complicated with each evolution – but we have the expertise and experience to get the best out of them.

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