Petrol prices rise after brief halt – AA says


The average petrol price has risen to a new high of 142.48p per litre after a brief halt to weeks of rises, motoring association the AA says.

The average price of diesel, at 147.88p a litre, is just short of the record price set a week ago.

Petrol prices have risen by 10.23p a litre and diesel by 7.32p a litre, since the beginning of this year.

The AA blamed speculators for pushing up oil prices and said the government should do more to tackle the problem.

AA president Edmund King said: “Panic buying in March forced some cash strapped families to spend far more on fuel than their budgets could bear.

“Filling up a 50-litre tank costs more than some families spend on food each week. This panic buying masked a more persistent threat further up the fuel chain.”

In the past month, petrol prices have gone up 3.98p a litre and diesel 2.43p a litre.

Petrol cost 135.29p a litre a year ago and diesel 141.60p per litre.

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