Quantum Tuning can now officially and proudly announce that we are the only tuning company with the IMI accreditation for delivering professional tuner training.

On the 19th of May 2015 we received our official accreditation and certificates as an Award Centres and we are now planning the training and certification for all Quantum dealers.



This is a significant step forward in the remapping market, as all dealers who meet the standard will be eligible to receive up to two awards:

  • Quantum Tuning Professional Tuner Training Programme
  • Quantum Tuning Professional Tuner Advanced Training Programme

There are huge benefits to all of you who achieve this award.

When you are up against cheap flashers and the like trying to undercut you then the benefit is obvious “So, the other company, what qualifications do they have to modify your car?”

Within the sales pitch, you will be able to say that you are the only local professionally qualified tuner.

You will get an industry recognised certificate for your wall, to post on your Website, Facebook, etc. We will give you guidelines and artwork for your own platforms.



We will push it heavily on our websites and social media to help drive more inquiries to you.

There will be a formal certification process for each existing dealer through an email questionnaire, records of training already received and review of jobs completed.  This will mean that most will receive their qualification without further training, however as a high standard has to be achieved then some may be asked to attend a refresher course, before certification.

As you know Quantum training is free to all dealers, but there is a fee of £37.50 for each Certificate to be issued by the IMI.

What actions you need to take

If you have colleagues, sub-dealers, or franchisees mapping and you want them to be qualified by experience and/or training, please email tim@quantumtuning.co.uk with their details.  Please state whether they do just OBD, or bench work as well, who trained them and approximately how many jobs of each they have done.

Finally, to ensure the integrity of the award, please do not make any announcements about your personal qualification until yours has been awarded.  You can of course say and reference the “Quantum are the only remapping company in the world that offer a professional qualification for their dealers”.

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