A quick word about the VW Crafter .We are getting many jobs come to us with bad remap files .
The problem is a lot of tuners are still trying to do a tune and DPF Solution through the diagnostic socket ??  Sometimes this works but to be 100% you must remove the ECU from the van and tune it on the bench this way 100% no problems . We give a live time guarantee on our software .also a lot of tuners will only accept cash? we take cash and most credit cards
All this work is done at our workshop and takes about 3/4 hours

If you have a remap from us we will give a free diagnostic scan with the Dealer diagnostic tool for as long as you keep your van with full A4 print out.Never have to take the van to the dealer for diagnostics again

Original HP: 136 Original Nm: 300
Tuned HP: 161 Tuned Nm: 360
HP Increase: 25 Nm Increase: 60
% Increase: 18% % Increase: 20%
Start saving fuel today

Get your car remap by certified quantum tuning dealer.   For more information, please contact:

Automotive Remap
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United Kingdom
BS16 5RW
Tel: 07767896339 
Mobile: 07767896339 
E-mail: quantumtuningbristol@yahoo.co.uk
Web: http://www.quantumtuningbristol.co.uk/

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