This afternoon Hybrid Tuning visited a gentleman with this beautiful Skoda Octavia VRS in Cheltenham,

This Octavia produces 200Bhp & 280nm from factory, the customer said he had only owned the vehicle 2 days and on purchasing the previous owner said he already had it mapped before, but was never happy with the performance gains.

So we set out to give the new owner the performance he expected from a Hybrid Tuning remap.
After we applied a performance remap the customer was happy with his new gains up to 260Bhp & 380nm, that’s a massive difference against the old map.

Skoda Octavia
Original HP Original Nm
200 BHP 280 NM
Tuned HP Tuned Nm
260 BHP 380 NM
HP Increase Nm Increase
+60 +100

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Fred Sampson
Hybrid Tuning (Authorised Quantum Tuning Dealer)
Mobile: 07917753134
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