We were in Ross On Wye today tuning this BMW 123d. This vehicle runs the N47 2.0ltr engine running 204bhp and 400nm of torque.

Some BMW’s after 2009 have an anti-chip tuning protection that inhibits serial programming but none the less, we can gain access by removing the ECU and bench programming.

With our stage one software upgrade it totally transformed this BMW giving better throttle response & overall better drivability, it now produces 266Bhp & 503Nm, it doesn’t stop there, he also gained up to 10% fuel economy back.

✅ Remapping from £199
✅ Vehicle health check with our services
✅ Only genuine tools used
✅ Fully up to date equipment
✅ Proven rolling road results on our dyno
✅ Lifetime file warranty
✅ Fully mobile service

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