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Stunning 2016 Ford Focus ST-remapped with our red FULL POWER map This customer had his Fiesta ST tuned by us last year, and was so impressed he returned with this new beast, after only a day of ownership! We value our customers and it’s a great reward when they return for a new dose of bhp

How can a remap benefit You?
✔Increased BHP
✔Increased torque
✔Faster acceleration
✔Smoother power delivery
✔Enhanced throttle response
✔Improved fuel consumption mpg

Why choose RJM Remaps
⭕Genuine 5 star reviews
⭕100% satisfaction guarantee
⭕Friendly helpful service
⭕Vehicle health check prior to a remap
⭕30 day money back guarantee
⭕High quality remaps guaranteed
⭕IMI motor industry vetted
⭕Only genuine ecu tuning equipment used.

 Ford Focus ST
Original HP Original Nm
185 400
Tuned HP Tuned Nm
230 490
HP Increase Nm Increase
+45 +90

If you would like to see what we can unleash from your engine then enter your reg number into the website and it will give you the gains.
Richard Johnson 
Rj Mobile Auto Services (Authorised Quantum Tuning Dealer) 
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Tyne And Wear
United Kingdom
Tel: 07706864988
Mobile: 07706864988
Web: www.remappingnewcastle.co.uk

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