It’s 30kg lighter, 15 per cent more frugal with 10 extra bhp … Excellent

Porsche Cayman
Porsche Cayman

Porsche better be working on something pretty special for the next 911, because this faster, lighter more focused third-gen Cayman looks like it’ll be nipping at the flagship’s heels. Let’s do some numbers…

It’s up to 30 kg lighter, 40 per cent stiffer, 15 per cent more efficient and 10bhp more powerful than its predecessor, which was in itself, an excellent car.

And the engines. You can chose from two directly injected flat sixes – a 2.7-litre and 3.4-litre, both of which have been designed to rev more freely than before (peak power arrives at 7,400rpm – the old models run out of breath at 7,200rpm). More revs, in this case, means more power. To read more click here.

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