This Range Rover Sport 3.6 TDV8 came in today for a remap and EGR delete. Our pre remap diagnostics showed a boost fault, EGR faults, Mass air flow faults and a restricted injector fault. On further inspection, a boost leak was found from an intercooler pipe so with that fixed the horrendous black smoke has gone…. The EGR & MAF faults were a red herring and caused by the boost leak. Now onto the restricted injector….. injector 6 was way out of balance and causing a bad misfire and white smoke, cylinder 2 was also out of balance at low rpm.

After a good dose of Millers injector cleaner and a good road test the smoke has now cleared! Live data shows that injector 2 is still out of balance but not enough to cause an issue. Number 6 is functioning perfectly now and all of the cars power has been restored! The slightly sticking EGR should now clear and we will see if it is fit enough for a remap in a couple of weeks Another reason to choose Energy Tuning Ltd as these pre remap checks are so important!

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