2010 Insignia 2.0 CDTI 160 remapped for a balance of more power and mpg, +28 bhp and +50 nm of torque. These ECU’s have a Tricore processor which requires the ECU to be removed and bench programmed, all done in house and another happy customer!

All our technicians are fully qualified motor vehicle technicians and are IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) certified so you can rest assured we know our stuff when it comes to vehicle performance and tuning.

Beware as many other remapping companies cannot say the same. For us, knowledge of motor vehicle technology is a MUST when it comes to choosing who you trust with remapping your pride and joy.

For more details please contact
Euan Abercrombie
Autoclinic Remaps C/O Nicol Motor Sport
Tel: 01555 771107 
Mobile: 07523 055165
Web: www.autoclinic-remaps.co.uk
Mobile ECU remapping and DPF removal in Central Scotland

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