Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTI
We did DPF OFF + Performance REMAP on this vehicle as customer had already removed the DPF. The customer specifically wanted a map installed by us because we offer a better all round REMAP i.e. Performance, power gains, smoothness and driveability as opposed to the remap all ready on the vehicle.As you can see the ECU looks a right mess with the way they sealed it back together. All cleaned now, resealed and looking like an ECU again rather than something my kids did with play dough!!Remember the importance of not using a generic remap others are offering that they have found on the internet. Would you really use a windows program on your home computer you found on some random site? Let alone some random car file you found on your vehicle. BE WARNED.
Pictures are BENCH as its EDC17 TRICORE ECU. 

Original HP: 157 Original Nm: 350
Tuned HP: 185 Tuned Nm: 400
HP Increase: 28 Nm Increase: 50
% Increase: 17% % Increase: 14%

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Richard Neville
Herts Auto Tek Ltd
Unit A4 Nup End Business Centre,Knebworth
United Kingdom
Tel: 01438 829 000 
Mobile: 07768 514 445

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