Volkswagen touareg v10 tdi remapped today in Maidstone with our blue map for torque and mpg ,have the best have a cittech quantum remap.

Chip Tuning is a safe way to increase the performance of your vehicle. Modern cars are equipped with electronic control unit ECU (Engine Central Unit), which affects the quantity of injected fuel and control ignition, depending on engine operating state. Car manufacturers are forced to compile these programs according to certain criteria and with significant reserves. Simply put – a car that meets the production line, it must also function well in extremely warm in extremely cold climates. It is a serial program data sufficiently broad and take into account a wide range of other aspects (such as low fuel, etc.).. Consequently, the engine of your vehicle used for approx. 60-70% of its possibilities. This fact, however, can be easily and safely changed by adjusting the data stored in the memory control unit, called Chip.

Original HP: 313 Original Nm: 750
Tuned HP: 355 Tuned Nm: 820
HP Increase: 42 Nm Increase: 70

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