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Alfa Romeo MITO Remap


At launch the MiTo will feature low-displacement turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. Also, a power limited 79 PS (58 kW; 78 hp) naturally aspirated engine variant is produced to meet the new Italian legislation for young people. MiTo got new electro-hydraulic valve control system Multiair engines from September 2009. MultiAir engines will increase power (up to 10%) and torque (up to 15%), as well as a considerable reduction in consumption levels (up to 10%) and CO2 emissions (up to 10%), of particulates (up to 40%) and NOx (up to 60%).  This new engine is available with 105 PS (77 kW; 104 bhp),135 PS (99 kW; 133 bhp) and 170 PS (125 kW; 168 bhp) power ratings. All multiair versions have start-stop system as standard. In October 2009 was unveiled a dual fuel MiTo version, this version can run with LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) or petrol, with this engine MiTo has range of 1,200 kilometres (750 mi). The LPG version is made in collaboration with Landi Renzo. In Summer 2010 came available Dual Dry Clutch Transmission called Alfa TCT. From model year 2011 the start-stop system came as standard to all versions. In the Frankurt Motor Show 2011 was introduced two new engines for MiTo the 0.9 L TwinAir straight-2 and new low emission 85 PS (63 kW) version of 1.3 JTD diesel engine.

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Performance Results For Alfa Romeo MITO

Model Original BHP Tuned BHP BHP + Original Nm Tuned Nm Nm +
1.4 16v 95 101 6.00% 129 140 9.000%
1.4 TB 120 140 17.00% 206 250 21.000%
1.4 Turbo – 155 155 175 13.00% 230 270 17.000%
1.3 JTD 90 110 22.00% 200 240 20.000%
1.6 JTD 120 143 19.00% 320 365 14.000%
1.4 Turbo – 135 135 155 15.00% 207 260 26.000%
1.4 Turbo – 170 170 190 12.00% 250 290 16.000%

[Note: Nm = Newton metre and BHP = Brake Horse Power]

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