…and its more powerful brother, the 585bhp E63 AMG ‘S’. Get ready for some tyremageddon


Freud would have a field day. Mercedes Benz’s bright, brand new star has just landed. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new E63 AMG. It is shiny, and new, and fast. But it’s not the fastest, nor the most powerful E63 AMG.

No, that accolade now rests with the new E63 AMG’s brother, the, erm, new Mercedes Benz E63 AMG ‘S’, that has landed alongside it. Think you got sibling rivalry?

OK, so they’re facelifts, and both Benzinos pack stratospheric power, naturally, but it’s here where all E63s are not created equal. Yes, they’re fitted with Mercedes’ now well-proven 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 sending power to the rear wheels – we won’t get the four-wheel-drive versions in the UK – producing 557bhp in the ‘standard’ E63 AMG (interestingly, 5bhp more than an M5). Read more on the story at Top Gears.

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