The Diesel Engine – The Man And His Machine


When I say the word Diesel what do you think of? Noisy engines, fuel for your car, that diesel engines are more economical than petrol engines? Whilst these thoughts could be correct,  did you know the basic design of the diesel engine which is relied upon by the rail, maritime and automotive industries as well as you, your colleagues and millions of others was designed through the passion and genius of a single man, a Mr Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel?

Born in 1858 Rudolf Diesel became one of Germany’s most significant inventors of his time.

Born in Paris to Bavarian parents, Rudolf, his parents, brother and sister fled to London in 1870 due to the Franco Prussian war when Germans were forced to leave France.

Despite his family living in London, the then 12 year old Rudolf was sent by his parents to live in Ausberg with his Aunt and Uncle so that his education could continue in German at the Royal County Trade School [RCTS] where his Uncle worked as a Maths teacher.

Following his graduation from the RCTS Rudolf expressed an interest in engineering and enrolled in the Industrial School of Ausberg in 1873 where his natural talent for engineering flourished. Two years later he received a scholarship from the Royal Bavarian Polytechnic of Munich which he accepted, to his parent’s disappointment, who felt Rudolf should begin to earn a living rather than continue with his studies. Read more…

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